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CCS Ltd offer specialist rope access painting services Our painters are highly qualified in rope access techniques.

All independently trained and certified by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)
Companies operating under IRATA have proven over the last decade to achieve a high safety record in industry for working at heights.

We provide you with a cost affective, innovative and safe approach, tailored to suit your needs. Since our formation in 2001, Rope Access Specialists CCS has gained a wide rang of experience in many different industrys, working at high and difficult locations.

Industrial Rope Access is the proven method of achieving a safe work position at height, confined space and in difficult to reach locations. Major savings can be made with the use of rope access methods.

The client is paying for the job to be done, instead of access to get the job done.

Rope access is continuously beening developed by IRATA in the last 26 years, to a point where it's the chosen means of access for working at height and offshore for oil and gas industry and much more.

Its success is based on extensive training and strict working guidelines that deliver an unbeatable safe working record year after year. Our company safety procedures ensure the use of rope access on buildings and structures is done safely, quickly and effectively, lowering project costs.

We provide a full detailed risk assessment and method statement for every job. All rope access technicians are highly qualified abseilers who carry out tasks to a high standards on building set out by the Government's HSE guidelines.

We can perform any type of building maintenance from facade painting, high rise window cleaning, sign installation, concrete repairs, confined space and much much more. Our policy is to provide the utmost in service and quality at the most cost effective level. Industrial rope access provides an innovative new approach to high level problems. Home, About, Services, Gallery, Contact Sitemap.

Why Rope Access?

  • 1Safety
    Our primary objective when using these methods is to plan, manage and carry out all works with minimal accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences.


  • 2The Cost


  • 3Security
    Our services do not compromise the security of the building. Residents still had full access to all windows and doors.


  • 4Finding Solutions
    We see simple solutions to cleaning, plumbing, painting, survey, building repairs, without a major budget..


  • 5Areas We Cover







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