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CCS Ltd Rope Access offer a digital photographic and video inspection service, CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE.

Digital Photo and Video Survey using Industrial rope access provides the best means of gaining full coverage of building facades to diagnose and provide photographic evidence of the cause of any problems. In some cases the cause of a brick and plumbing problems is not readily apparent with out an inspection.

Until a client is aware of the facts surrounding the condition of the building or structure, how can he decide how best to repair or refurbish it ?

Rope access companies we will often see a simple solution to cleaning, building repairs, painting, survey - inspection, advertising banners installation, and maintenance problems that appears insurmountable, without a major budget.

Industrial rope access is a proven method of achieving a safe work position at height or in difficult to reach areas where inspection is necessary. As an rope access company will provide you with a safe, innovative and economical approach to all inspection and survey work, tailored to suit your needs. Home, About, Services, Gallery, Contact Sitemap.

Why Rope Access?

  • 1Safety
    Our primary objective when using these methods is to plan, manage and carry out all works with minimal accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences.


  • 2The Cost


  • 3Security
    Our services do not compromise the security of the building. Residents still had full access to all windows and doors.


  • 4Finding Solutions
    We see simple solutions to cleaning, plumbing, painting, survey, building repairs, without a major budget..


  • 5Areas We Cover







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